How to Earn From Facebook | Top 5 Ways to Do it

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world. There are over 2 billion monthly active users in the world. You may be one of the active users of Facebook.

But you have no idea how to earn from Facebook. If yes, then you are not the only one, because it is not like YouTube where you get an advertising program to get paid. But still, there are some ways to make money from Facebook.

In this blog, we are going to learn about these ideas that can help you to earn money from Facebook. Here we go:-

How to Earn From Facebook

Sell products or Services

It is quite easy to sell products and services using Facebook. It has a platform called Facebook Marketplace where you can sell your products and services easily.

Apart from that if you grow your Facebook page with the most relevant audience then you can easily sell your products or services to them. I would like you to recommend that you should work on a specific niche i.e. tech, finance, toys etc.

Once you gather the audience with a similar interest then the next step is to sell your products and services to them. It works on the basis of trust you build with your audience. 

Promote Affiliate Links

Likewise Instagram, anyone can share affiliate links on Facebook. But there are lots of differences between them. Facebook allows you to promote your links in lots of different ways such as with the help of Facebook pages, groups and personal messages.

If you want better conversion from your affiliate links then you should try to promote the most relevant links with your audience. Pick the right groups to promote the links and so on.

But you should not over share the links, the reason being that promoting excessive amounts of links can ban your link permanently from Facebook.

There are hundreds of affiliate programs in the world and you can pick the best one as per your interest. You should pick the best one which is offering a decent amount of commissions. 


Sponsorship is the most common way to earn money from almost every social media platform. Either it is YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest, you can make money by promoting other content.

Therefore with Facebook pages, you can promote the content of brand, users, celebrity and get paid for every sponsored post. The best part of Facebook is that either you have a Facebook page or group, you can get sponsored any of these.

You should have a relevant audience with a decent engagement rate. If you have lots of audience, but poor engagement rate then you will not get high paid sponsored posts. 

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Page Manager

If you have a page with a high amount of audience base then it is more likely that someone will ask you to manage their page. Or you can contact top celebrities, growing artists to manage and grow their Facebook page.

For this you can charge a good amount from them. And the best part is that you can handle any amount of pages you want, there are no restrictions to handle a certain amount of pages.

The charges for page manager vary from the pages you are going to grow likewise for Fitness pages that charge is way higher then grow a musician page. And you should pick those niche in which you have interest and you help them to grow. 

Sell Your Page

It is one of the most popular ways of how to earn from Facebook. There are lots of users on Facebook who grow their pages and then sell it to other users.

The charges of the page depend upon the numbers of users and engagement rate on each post. The higher the number of followers or likes you have on your page.

The higher amount you can get to sell your page. Keep in mind higher engagement rate will also help you to get more money from your page.

What We Have Learned?

All the steps mentioned above are the top most ways on how to earn from Facebook. These methods are well tested and used by millions of digital marketers and social media experts around the world.

Although there are lots of other ways too on how to earn from Facebook. But these methods are working effectively and providing the best results to the users around the world.

If you think that we have not listed the top most ways to earn from Facebook then please let us know we will mention it over the top. And if you need more ways than please comment below.

We will extend this list to provide more realistic ways that will help you to earn from Facebook. If you like this blog then share it with your friends so that they can start earning from Facebook.

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